Ochre on Bark | 28cm x 114cm

Djidjuk are Hairy Men who walk every night along river banks, spearing fish. They eat them raw after they take them back to the cave. They are spirits who cannot be seen but they can see other people.  You can tell they are around when you smell the rotten fish.  They are the custodians for the country.

Even when the country is not lived in (as is the case with ‘sickness country’), the custodian must ensure that the sites are not interfered with or punishment will come to all.  If they finds you in the wrong place they  will take you back to the cave where they live.


Some people came and made a camp in ‘sickness’ country.  They were sealed in the cave with a big rock and their family came looking for them but they have to stay there forever.  This place is in the escarpment in Berribobs country, to remind others that no one can go there.  

This piece of artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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