Marie Abbott - Women Dancing In Ceremony.jpeg

Marie Abbott - Women Dancing In Ceremony For Honeyants And Bush Tomatoes


Acrylic on Canvas | 130cm x 100cm

Marie is a talented artist who paints the "dot" style of her desert people. Her artwork represents body markings, ceremonial business stories and stories for hunting and gathering in their traditional country. Marie is a niece of the late Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri. Marie also paints watercolours as do many artists from Hermannsburg. They continue the style of watercolour landscapes introduced by the missionaries in the 1930's and made famous by Albert Namatjira, the best known of all the Aboriginal artists of Australia.

Marie lived for many years in Batchelor Township close to Darwin and she divides her time between the Top End and the desert community. She is a registered Aboriginal Health worker and has also studied for her Bachelor in Aboriginal Health.

This piece of artwork comes with a profile of the artist.

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