Ochre on Bark | 25cm x 107cm

Yingarna is the Mother Rainbow Serpent, she became the Earth Mother.  She gave birth to Ngalyod, the Rainbow Serpent, Ngalkunburriyaymi, the female Rainbow Serpent and many other Creation beings.

In the beginning, the Dreamtime, her children roamed the featureless flat earth creating everything that exists today; including plants and animals, landscape features, language, law and tradition.  Hers is the most important, the ‘Mother’ Ceremony.  With her all life begins and ends.

Luma was born from Yingarna, the Mother.  He traveled from the North creating Barramundi dreaming and all the fresh water Dreamings - billabongs, creeks etc.  He met two sisters (Yawk Yawk sisters) whom he went with.  Their names were Marrayka and Likanaya and he made babies with them.  Luma left the sisters and continued on his journey.

Likanaya and Marrayka then decided to settle at a place called Marlwon in Arnhemland.  When they went into the water they developed mermaid like tails thus became the Yawk Yawk sisters. All their children to Luma became the water animals crocodile, file snake, barramundi etc. 

This piece of artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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