Didgeridoo Dreaming

Bilk Bilk


This is the story of how the Didgeridoo came to be. 

We call it Muhgool, Mallark people call it Yidaki. It is believed by our people, the Kunwinjku, that Bilk Bilk gave us the Muhgool. 


Bilk Bilk was a very bad man, he was angry and he used to kill people and steal and rape the women.  So the clans set a trap by digging a big hole and covering it with leaves.  They lured Bilk Bilk across to fall in the hole, where he was in their captivity.  They speared him but he did not die.  He cut off his own penis, which was very long, and he made a song "I'm still alive, I'm not killed, still alive".  Bilk Bilk then died and the men went and found hollow logs and made didgeridoos and continued with the music.


This is why the Didgeridoo is not for women of the clans.  When the Muhgool is played the power of Bilk Bilk is released and used, women can dance and sing, the men play. For women of other cultures that is not relevant.