Authentic Aboriginal Art

Here at the Didgeridoo Hut we have a beautiful collection of authentic indigenous art from across the Northern Territory. 
We feature art from regions including Kakadu, Arnhemland, Daly River, Litchfield and the Central Desert. 
The styles of indigenous art vary depending on region. For example, the use of only four colours and cross-hatching is characteristic of Arnhemland art, whereas the "dot" style artworks typical of the Desert artists. 
Our online gallery only shows a small selection of the art we feature. If there are any artists or styles of art you are interested please contact us as we may have more works you might be interested in. 
Desert Art
desert art, Barbara Panaka, dot art, didgeridoo hut and art gallery
Bush Medicine Leaves
medicine leaves, kurrajong trees, bush medicine, aboriginal art, indigenous art
Under $500
freshwater dreaming art, aboriginal art, art under $500
$500 - $1000
Medicine leaves, kurrajong, aboriginal art, indigenous art, womens art
$1000 - $2000
James Gaykamangu, Kunwinjku, Arnhemland, Arnhemland art, four colours, top end, Darwin, Australia
$2000 - $5000
aboriginal art, indigenous art, womens art, dot art
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