Making Didgeridoos

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Didgeridoos are essentially hollowed out trees!


A traditionally made didgeridoo is started by the Termites (white ants) who make their nests in Eucalyptus trees, either Stringybark or Woollybutt.  When the termites have done their job of hollowing the centre of the tree it is cut down (it would have been down very soon anyway!).

The mud is then cleaned out leaving the chamber with varying thickness of runs. It is these individual runs that make each didgeridoo a unique instrument. Once the inside is cleaned and sanded back to make the beautiful shapes they are sealed inside and out to guarantee many years of your playing enjoyment.


The didgeridoo is then painted by Australian Indigenous artists from across the Territory giving you a beautiful artwork as well as a fine musical instrument.


We provide playing instructions, artist profile as well as the stories of the artwork with every didgeridoo sold. 

How to Play the Didgeridoo

Ever wanted to learn how to play the didgeridoo?

Check out this video by Australian Aboriginal musician David Hudson.