MARIE ABBOTT - Family of Birds


Watercolour on Paperboard | 42cm x 60cm

"There are family of Ringneck Parrots and Sulphur Crested Cockatoo and Zebra Finches in the Outback Bush. They all live in one area of the bush, because there were only the pool of water up in the hills and they all shared that."


Besides her traditional art and stories Marie is a contemporary water colour artist of the "Hermannsburg School", these artists draw their inspiration from Albert Namatjira and associated artists who began painting landscapes in watercolour at Hermannsburg in the 1930s.

Since 1996 the subject of her work has been in the ‘dot’ style of her desert people. Her artwork represents body markings, ceremonial business stories and stories for hunting and gathering in their traditional country. Recently she has begun painting watercolour landscapes again.


Marie has been an artist at the Didgeridoo Hut in Humpty Doo for many years and she divides her time between the Top End of the Northern Territory and her Desert community.